About ANDA Cowork

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Our main objective is to offer you a quiet and modern space in which you can work. To create new connections and find ways to collaborate with other professionals.

Are these values important to you too? Then you would probably love to become part of our Anda Community.


Respect for all people and our surroundings. At ANDA we promote coherence and freedom as the route to understanding and collaboration.


Our coworking facilities are designed to offer the best service in every facet of your business. Our location, tranquility, and comfort make ANDA Cowork your ideal space if you are looking to carry out quality and professionalism.


At ANDA we see personal and professional development as part of a continuous learning process, increasing our capacity for problem solving. By seeking out and sharing information and knowledge we strengthen our “entrepreneur mentality”. By adding to our sense of innovation we help our businesses grow and also us as people.


At ANDA, we see reality with a positive attitude. This allows us to move forward and grow together. Positivity and transparency help us to create bonds of trust among us as coworkers and between us and our social and economic environment.


We are committed to conservation and respect for the environment. Therefore, we have designed our spaces and activities in a way that helps us limit our impact on the planet.

Spirit of Sharing

By sharing resources, ideas, and projects at ANDA we empower people to achieve their goals by encouraging, cooperation, creativity, and networking.

We want to support your personal and professional growth because we are fully convinced that this is the basis from which to boost your entrepreneurial mentality too.

From Anda CoWork, we have always believed that people, with our daily actions, are the main engine to transform and improve the social environment.

At Anda you will find a diverse community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers with a different background but one thing in common: The motivation to improve, learn, share, and have a nice time together.

Are you interested in our philosophy and in the space we created?

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