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If you are looking for an excellent place to work in Granada, with an unbeatable location and environment, with the services and amenities you need, at ANDA Cowork you are in the right place.

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Anda Cowork is an philosophy

ANDA is a philosophy

Anda Cowork is community

ANDA is a community

Anda Cowork is tranquility

ANDA is tranquility

Anda Cowork is sensations

ANDA is a sensation

Anda Cowork is creativity

ANDA is creativity

Anda Cowork is networking

ANDA is networking

Anda Cowork is nature

ANDA is nature

Anda Cowork is entrepreneurship

ANDA is entrepreneurship

Anda Cowork is progress

ANDA is progress

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Are you looking for a Host Desk space to work in Granada or a room for an interview, meeting, class, workshop, conference, exhibition or event?

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Anda Cowork is sensations

 Much more than four walls. Open natural spaces, where thanks to its services, light and silence, you will be very productive.

Meeting Spaces

Anda Cowork is entrepreneurship

 For your interviews, meetings, classes, events, conferences, workshops… we have independent spaces where you can get the tranquility and privacy you are looking for.

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