Working spaces

Your options in our coworking space

A space with a unique identity. Access to our services and professional staff who is there to help you with anything you need. All working spaces are in quiet area and have natural light.

If you work part-time (mornings or afternoons) from Monday to Friday, then you can pick a plan suitable for you from these.

If you work full time (mornings and afternoons) from Monday to Friday, then you can find a suitable plan for you from here.

And if your need is 24/7 you can also use 24 hours from Monday to Sunday

Or if you travel often or are a freelancer who needs a work space from time to time, with us you will have the flexibility to get a desk whenever you need it and without compromises.

You can improve your experience event more by adding following extra services:


Printer and scanner




Multimedia equipment

Now that you have seen all the options our coworking space has, tell us which one works for you the best. If you are not sure, just let us know and we help you.