Anda spaces

In Anda Cowork you will find a variety of spaces for you work.

Our spaces

Work area

Much more than just four walls. Work area is open, yet quiet. They have good dynamics for you to create your own identity to develop and grow as a professional.

Meeting rooms

For your meetings, interviews or classes we have separate rooms where you can find the silence and privacy you need.

Space for events

If you need to organize an event, conference or workshop, there is a perfect room for that, designed to fit many people.

Your Virtual Office

You can simply use our coworking spaces address as our office address.

You will have access to all our basic services to make your life easier:


Fiber LAN and Wifi


Credit card payment




Rest area


Natural light in workspace

Bicycles are welcome


Office supplies

Accessible space


Key to access


Hosting for your events

If you would like to discover all that and more, then get in touch with us to become part of Anda Cowork!