five tips to avoid distractions - Cinco consejos para evitar distracciones

Five tips to avoid distractions and focus your mind while working at a coworking space

Are you working at a coworking space? Then you are most probably motivated to use the space well and be productive during your work hours. Although we are sure that everything you need will be available (a quiet area, good WiFi, a comfortable desk), what about your mindset? The right mindset is the most critical…

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Slack: 6 herramientas para trabajadores en remoto - 6 tools that will make your life as a remote worker easier

6 tools that will make your life as a remote worker easier

One of the things we love about Anda, is the fact that we are a versatile community of remote workers and digital nomads, with different backgrounds, nationalities and jobs. We all work together at one place, while connecting with many others all over the world on a daily basis. Working remotely, as we do at…

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4 benefits of yoga at the workspace - beneficios del yoga

4 benefits of yoga at the workspace

By Francisca Zimmermann Yoga has developed as an extremely popular practice over the past decades. The practice, which most probably originates from ancient India, is now being practiced all over the world and in many different forms. The word yoga originally comes from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’, which means “to yoke.” Although the meaning has…

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Travel and loneliness: How to deal with loneliness during your travels as a digital nomad

It seems like an absolute dream, right? Travel the world forever! Over the past years, more and more people choose to leave home and choose freedom, often with laptop, to keep up with work on the way. With technology developing quickly, this lifestyle brings opportunities for both travelers and companies. Travelers have the opportunity to…

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