Today we interview the digital nomad Pierre Becher


There are certainly new way to work which allows the new generations to combine travel and work at the same time. Today we are interviewing Pierre Becher, a digital nomad from Germany who has been working at Anda for a few days, and we were curious to know more about his life and how it is to be a digital nomad.


– So, where are you from and how have you discovered Anda?

I am from Berlin, Germany and just recently, I started my digital nomad life. I quitted my apartment in Berlin and decided to travel full time and work remotely. When looking for a destination to start off, I wanted to come back to Andalucía because I have been here before and I loved it. I discovered Anda searching on the Internet, and among the different options available, this one appeared to be the best choice for me.


– What services do you use at the cowork?

I have taken the nomad plan for 10 days and I have also booked a desk here. For me it is important to have a desk since I travel with a lot of work material and equipment (notebooks, webcams, talking station, keyboard, mouse) so having my desk allows me to leave the stuff at the cowork. I have also rented a monitor so I can work better, eight hours on a laptop is too difficult for your eyes, position and performance.


– As a digital nomad, what do you think is it essential to have at a cowork?

Aside from what I mentioned before, in my case I do a lot of software consulting and coaching which requires talking and zooming with clients. Since I have to do a lot of calls. I think it is important for digital nomads the need of a quiet space to do some calls sometimes, but normally coworks charge 10 to 15 euros for an hour. If on top of the fee we add minimum 30 euros per day, it becomes unsustainable for us to pay such rates. It is good that here there is a room which is normally not occupied and it can be used for doing online meetings.

Needless to say, good internet is essential and that is not an issue at Anda.

For digital nomads, flexible pricing is also important, each traveler and freelance has a different plan: some will stay only for a few days, others weeks and others months, so having fees that adapt to that flexibility is great.


– Tell me about your life as a digital nomad

Well, as I started quite recently I can’t say much but so far I am really enjoying it. My plan is to move around different places in 4 to 6 weeks around Europe. Due to Covid, it is still a bit complicated to decide where to go but will see how to manage it.


– Lastly, how is Granada for a digital nomad?

So far is great. I am really enjoying my stay here. There is a good atmosphere and vibe. The weather perhaps has not been the best, but of course it is March. I love having free time and being able to visit the surroundings of Granada and its beautiful corners. Food is also delicious! I love that the city is between mountains, this is what made me decide to come, it is beautiful!

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