Those of us who are action-oriented find it hard to put ourselves in sleep mode, it seems as if this option is not configured in our operating system. So we spend our time digging in every corner and, above all, in those places where we don’t stop for the rest of the year. Sometimes you find things that you didn’t know you had saved, and you rescue them to pick them up again. And, other times, you start to reactivate the ones you had forgotten, because they had been left under the pile of all the others. That has happened to us with our blog, we started it with great enthusiasm, and we have not been able to keep up the pace we had proposed. A thousand and one activities have stood in our way, and I feel guilty for not having been able to adjust the spaces and times, so that it could have its own.

A lot of things have happened in these months, and I really think it would be worthwhile to tell you about each and every one of them. Some are good experiences, and others are not so good. I have to admit that, for me, it has been a fascinating stage; I would call it one of discovery, of inspiration. But I think it would be difficult to summarize them all, it would be endless. I wouldn’t know where to start, whether to tell you the story of all the people with their projects and illusions, who have passed through ANDA, or I would do it after telling you those I have been lucky enough to meet in the networking, associations, courses, talks, forums, and other events, in which we have participated in one way or another. Are you curious? I suggest that, if you want to know more, you come one day to meet us at ANDA CoWork, where we will be happy to receive you, and we will continue to share them.

We have had the opportunity to begin to realize what we say in our presentation, that we are a space that maximizes synergies and creates links, serving any professional who needs a space, for any facet of their business, that has to do with Human Relations.

That is what gives content and meaning to ANDA CoWork, having the opportunity, through these human relationships and these projects, some consolidated, others in gestation phase, and others in embryo phase, to discover new areas and concerns to further explore, and to share your experiences, helping the development and growth of these projects, the coworkers who are passing through, and those who stay, because that is what enriches ours, that of ANDA.

I remind you, as one of the titles of our blog says, the road is always shared, so I keep offering to share in these lines your stories and adventures, because do not forget that we are and exist, thanks to each of them, and the people who create them. Your joys and achievements, as well as your losses and failures, are also ours, and we feel part of them. ANDA CoWork is not only a coworking space, we like to say that we are a co-creation space, because that is what we really do, we create together a reality, and we have a result, our projects and our dreams.

We want to thank you, and tell you again that we are very proud to have gained your trust, do you still do not know us, would you like to know us, then dare to share part of your experience with us.

And, as always, we will continue to move forward, sharing, and building, every day, a new piece of ANDA CoWork.

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