We start the month of March with the aim of beginning to take stock of our time together.

ANDA CoWork is a project that was born with the aim of creating a workspace to share and establish links.

We created a coworking space, connected, in a quiet, warm and modern environment.

During all these months we have advanced, collaborated, investigated, taking advantage of each of the opportunities that have been presented to us, to grow.

Our main interest has always been to promote the professional development of people, helping them to have the support they need at all times. Do you think we are achieving this?

If we review what our values are, we find respect for all people and our environment, based on collaboration, as a way to share information and useful knowledge, which helps to enhance the entrepreneurial mindset, which is the basis for innovation and growth of companies and people.

And so we come to today taking stock, and we can see that we have achieved some of the expected milestones and we are still on the way to achieve others.

But the most important thing in any path is to be always accompanied, and to add up so that the projects make sense. Because a collaborative and lively space, like ours, can only be built with the sum of dreams and illusions of each of us.

Thus, we will continue to move forward, sharing and building every day a new piece of Anda Cowork.

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