I’m sure you’ve thought about it more than once.

The thing is that you do not dare to take the step because you think that it may not be for you, that you work better just at home or that you prefer to set your own schedule.

Yes, I’m talking about what you have been thinking about for so long in your head: do I continue working in my business from home or will it be better if I do it from a coworking?

To be honest, we’ve all experienced what it means to combine the personal area with the work area at home: overwhelm, decreased productivity and, what’s worse, the inability to disconnect from work.

The truth is that ANDA is a coworking space that would solve all those problems, but do you think that’s all it could do for you and your business?

These spaces are not only there for a group of people to share a room while performing their tasks, but the real goal is to create synergies, enhance creativity and grow the entrepreneurial mindset, thus improving the corporate culture and strengthening innovation.

You may have thought that one of the main advantages of working in a coworking is the savings it can bring to your pocket, but the truth is that, once you start to learn more about coworking culture, this aspect becomes less important.

And we are going to prove it to you in this article.

Today we clear your doubts by telling you the 5 aspects in which your business would improve if you started working from a coworking space (and that has nothing to do with cost savings).

Grab a pen and paper because we’re getting started:

1. It’s a never-ending source of motivation

We anticipate that in a coworking no more routine at work.

Thanks to working with people who are dedicated to different fields than yours, you will get different perspectives from which to approach your work. This will boost your creativity and give you fresh ideas thanks to the interaction with other coworkers.

In addition, being in a comfortable, quiet and specially designed environment to work, your productivity will increase, which will be a great benefit for your business.

2. It’s scalable for your business

This is one of the least known advantages of working in a coworking space.

We often think that these workspaces are only useful when we are starting our business, but the truth is that they are also useful to develop it and make it grow.

For example, the growth of your team will never be a problem in a coworking space, since the space can be scaled as new members join the group.

Imagine what a problem this would be if you worked at home or from a rented office?

3. You will achieve profitable collaborations thanks to networking.

One of the fundamental pillars that an entrepreneur needs when he is starting is to have a solid base of contacts that at some point can help him in his business.

In a coworking you will not only surround yourself with coworkers who may become friends in the future, but you may also find your future partners or customers.

4. You will be able to promote your business and enjoy continuous training and learning

Courses, workshops…

All this and much more is what you can enjoy working from a coworking.

Being a space that always has life, these events are continually held in which you can exhibit your work or even sell it.

Thanks to the courses and workshops that are also organized, you can keep abreast of the latest developments in different sectors, or even create your own courses, training and classes from there.

5. It will give you all the flexibility you need

We are not discovering anything new if we say that a freelancer does not have fixed schedules, so is there anything better than being able to organize your work in the way that best suits you?

This is one of the key aspects of shared spaces, and is that thanks to work from a coworking you will have full flexibility in schedules, and you can do it in a fixed, recurring, occasional or virtual way.

Having your workspace available when you need it is, by itself, an essential aspect, don’t you think?

In short, in addition to all these benefits that we have told you in this article, the biggest advantage of a coworking space is that it is a versatile, active and with heart.

A space that stays alive all the time and that can enrich you and your business not only if you are just starting out, but also if you have already come a long way.

You can’t imagine how eager we are to meet you.

And now we have reserved a special place for you in the comments section. Would you like to tell us about your experience in a coworking space? Maybe you are thinking about starting to work from one?

We are looking forward to reading you

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