Flexibility in the workplace is no longer an unattainable dream.

Being self-employed or having a freelance business is something that, every day, more and more people are choosing as an option to earn a living.

And it is not surprising, since the advantages are numerous.

Not conforming to a specific schedule or company policy, being your own boss or setting your own rules, developing the task at your own pace and in the environment you choose make starting to work as a freelancer a more than tempting option.

Although I’m sure that while you are reading this, one of the disadvantages that comes to your mind is that, the fact of working as a freelancer makes you lose social contact, right?

The truth is that doing it from a coworking is the way to solve this problem, since they are places prepared to receive remote professionals and encourage social contact.

Coworking spaces are environments created distraction-proof, which is a fundamental requirement to ensure a good performance at work.

You will agree with me that your productivity will not be the same working with your laptop on your bed than at a desk in a coworking space, don’t you think?

In addition, it is a fact that many companies are beginning to outsource services, so many large projects begin to grow from the desk of a freelance worker.

All you need to start your business is to have a suitable workspace and the desire to move forward with your own project.

From Anda CoWork we show you 6 freelance business ideas that you can start developing now from any of our spaces:

Web designer and developer

If you have a business, whatever sector it belongs to, nowadays it is essential to have an online showcase from which to tell the world what you do and how your work can help others.

For this reason, being a web designer or developer is one of the most demanded skills nowadays.

Knowing how to design websites may seem like a very competitive business, but having your own online portfolio and convincing your clients of the benefits they will get by hiring your services will be a very profitable way to differentiate yourself from the competition and have a potentially large client base.

Virtual assistant

Due to time constraints or simply lack of physical space (especially in small businesses) more and more businesses are outsourcing the simple but essential tasks of an office.

Transferring databases from a document to a spreadsheet, managing appointments or writing reports are the online secretarial tasks that a virtual assistant performs, and that you can do comfortably from your own workspace.

Online teacher

How would you like to take advantage of all the resources that the Internet provides to transmit all your knowledge but online?

The possibilities for an online teacher are endless, since you can follow the premise of the private teacher and give classes via Skype or Hangout or, if you want to go further, you can record your own complete online course and put it for sale on the Internet.

Don’t you think this is a wonderful option to start developing your freelance work now?

Community manager

Social media management is a fundamental job that serves as a hinge between brands and the public.

More and more companies are investing money in these channels and in professionals specialized in the subject.

If you consider yourself a creative and social media savvy person, this may be the right job for you, as you will have to build, manage and administer the brand’s online community on the Internet, and, as you know, this can be done remotely from anywhere in the world.


Bloggers are not the only ones who make a living from writing on the Internet.

Nowadays, journalistic publishing tasks do not require a specific degree, so you can do it if writing is your thing.

Many websites are fed by texts created by external writers who publish for various media, so why not give it a try?

Being a freelance copywriter is a job with high competition, so everything will depend on your work and your talent when it comes to writing.

It is also necessary to know how to find the right media to publish, since selecting prestigious media or blogs of large companies is not an easy task, but always keep in mind that content is one of the most valuable things on the Internet, so if you are good at writing, starting as a freelance writer can be an excellent option for you.


One of the most popular options in the freelance world is photography.

For this, in addition to having skill with the camera, it will be necessary that you have a good portfolio on your website and a great promotion on social networks.

This way, clients will start coming to your freelance photography business.

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