You probably know ANDA as a coworking space. But did you know that our space is way more than that?

Over the past years, ANDA has been taking on an incredible number of different roles. Many different kinds of events took place in our meeting rooms, and people with all sorts of backgrounds collaborated in our working areas. This versatility makes ANDA so unique!

Let’s take a look at the different roles ANDA has been taking so far.

1. ANDA as a coworking space

It’s in the name. As ANDA Cowork, our primary goal is to offer people a comfortable space to work and collaborate.

We try our best to offer the most comfortable desks, chairs, and all other tools needed for a productive day.

We love seeing people with so many different backgrounds work next to each other, and brainstorm or collaborate during a shared break.

2. ANDA as a space for online & offline meetings

For those using ANDA as a coworking space (and for external people too), our meeting rooms offer a nice and quite place for meetings and calls.

Currently with some extra preparation to keep the rooms clean and safe, we see many people come and go for some productivity in a private setting. This makes ANDA not only a coworking space, but also a great meeting venue.

3. ANDA as a language school

Last year, ANDA was a language school! Olga Blum rented our smallest meeting room to offer English classes to small groups.

We saw kids come and go, as well as motivated adults and coworkers who wanted to improve their English skills.

Even our Victoria joined Olga for a class once in a while.

4. ANDA as a yoga studio

Another role ANDA fulfilled with great success, was that of a yoga studio.

Last year, Linda from Granada Spirit chose ANDA as one of the venues for her yoga classes.

Linda is an amazing teacher! She offered a perfect combination of relaxation, stretching, and some strength, which made all the students feel great after each class.

The natural light, natural materials, and beautiful plants make ANDA a perfect place for some yoga practice after a busy day.

5. ANDA as a conference venue

One of the most common events we see at ANDA are conferences.

Conferences are a fun event for us to organize because they often ask for some flexibility from our side.

Every conference is different. The number of people is different; the required table setup is different; every conference has a different program, technical requirements, etc.

For larger conferences, we use our largest workspace. When we move some tables around, we could comfortably host around 25 people there.

Of course, we are not hosting events for large numbers of people at the moment. Safety is extremely important to us, and we don’t want to put our regular coworkers at risk. Only very small events can be organized at the moment, with extra safety measures in place.

6. ANDA as a concert venue

A little while ago, the very talented Spark Bigbadaboom performed during one of our art exhibitions.

Our large meeting room is a great space for little concerts. The acoustics are excellent, the room is beautiful (especially with Chari Nogales’ art on the walls – as in the picture below), and there is more than enough space to share some drinks and snacks.

ANDA was a great concert venue, and we hope we can host more concerts in the future.

7. ANDA as an art gallery

As we already mentioned earlier, ANDA has been an art gallery many times.

Over the past years, we have organized exhibitions with a few fantastic local artists. Carmen Casas Ubeda, Chari Nogales, Pablo Trenor and Reviverdes, for instance, and many more.

Organizing these exhibitions has been such a fun experience. It’s fantastic to connect with our community over art and a drink, and most of the time, we sell some art prints to our visitors too.

A great way to support local artists and our coworkers are lucky enough to be surrounded by art during their working day. Win-win, right?

8. ANDA as a workshop space

Another common role of ANDA is that of a workshop space. Over the past years, our space has functioned as venue for many workshops, classes, product presentations, research meetings, etc.

It’s amazing to connect a group of people that has the same goal: learning something new about a specific topic.

9. ANDA as a Hackaton venue

Last year, HackMeUp organized a Hackathon at ADNA.

A Hackaton is a meetings of programmers, who get together with the objective of collaborative development mainly of software.

This time the meeting lasted a full weekend, and we were happy to see that it was a great success.

10. ANDA as a film studio

One of the coolest things we’ve seen here, is ANDA being turned into a film studio.

Especially our large meeting room has a large window, which gives the room a lot of natural light. Perfect for a film session!

Different film crews have used the room so far, for both TV recordings and YouTube content.

The meeting room has a few wooden boards on wheels, which can be used as a background for videos. With some green attached to them, as in the picture below, they make a perfect setting for a professional video.

11. ANDA as a network venue

One of the main goals of ANDA is making new connections.

Over the years, we have organized many events that help freelancers, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs meet each other, share ideas, and make friends.

You can see one of the Freelancer Network events we organized a while ago on the picture below. We had some lovely conversations, exchanged details, and inspired each other with our projects and ideas.

12. ANDA as a tasting room

Last but not least, ANDA as a coffee tasting room.

In collaboration with Lisboa Cafe and Santo Amaro Coffee, we offered our community a tasting of the very best coffee.

At the end of the day, we chose our favorite one to offer to our coworkers during their working days at ANDA.

Would you like to add another role to ANDA’s list?

Do you think ANDA could be the place for your yoga classes, working days, or work meetings?

Would you like to join us?

Feel free to contact us for more info, or just spend a day with us to see the space for yourself.

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