Combining both work and family can be a challenge for any family, and more so during thesummer holidays. This is when everyone in the family wants to make the most of theirorganizational skills and create their own schedule and planner to organize children, work,vacation, beach, holidays, friends, meetings and so on.

We have partnered with Babysits and created this quick guide to help you create the perfectbalance between family and work life.

How can you combine both lives?

The best way to find the perfect balance is through organization. Establishing routines both athome and at work can facilitate the perfect balance. It is important not only to organize the livesof the parents, but also the lives of the children, so that they are aware of their own schedule.

This makes it easier to establish a family routine and a better adaptation for everyone. A lot offamilies use workshops, summer camps, or the help of a babysitter during the summer to keepthe little ones entertained while parents work. This is a great way to help parents organize theirsummer, and can also be the best part of every kid’s summer!

Define the time and space to find the best balance

It is important to establish a division, and thus, be able to enjoy both your family to the fullestand improve your work productivity. Managing time between work and family will help you tomake the most of both, and will make it easier to find the perfect equilibrium.

Splitting not only time but also the space can help and has a huge impact in the whole family.
This will help you create a better division of work time and improve your results, while improvingthe quality time that you spend with your children, as you only have all the time to focus onthem.

For this reason it is advisable to have a work space outside your house, and a cowork space can be your best option to do it. Not only can you separate the two aspects of your life, but youwill see how your productivity will increase by being in a space that boosts your concentrationand productivity levels.


Communication is the basis of any relationship, whether personal, family or work. If you shareyour schedule or routine with both your family and your team, you can create a smoother flowbetween both parts of your life, improving the balance. For example, if you have a meeting thatmay take longer than usual, it is important to communicate this within the family or to yourbabysitter or nanny so that they are aware of it, and can help each other. In the end, teamworkis important in every aspect of life!

At Babysits we want to help you find the perfectbalance and empower families around child care.
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