Can you tell us a little about yourself? Who are you and what do you do?

We are a collective of two bodies and two hemispheres, that pretend to behave as one. Contradictions included. We mix illustrations with poetry, for now. But maybe (surely) tomorrow we are doing something else. We make our madness public, as far as possible.

Your work is incredible. Can you tell us what made you decide to start creating?

We can’t stop creating. With greater or lesser formality. Life is a performance.

And we were looking for an excuse to experience teamwork. A call with thematic about time, was the perfect excuse for an Argentine in Spain and a Spanish in Italy with a desire to philosophize. We create to not lose contact.

Can you tell us something about the exhibition at Anda next month?

It is a journey in time. The combination of ideas, found in old notebooks that precede the moment they met with these two artists. Brought to the present and unified in illustrations.

On our website you can see videos, photos and texts of the creative process.

The exhibition is not closed. It grows with the viewers, their interpretations and feedback.

We encourage visitors to help us decipher the mystery of time and share it with others.

The illustrations will be available for sale in small and medium format and the proceeds will be used to cover the expenses of this expo and promote the next one.

What made you decide to show your work at Anda?

The bonds that we already had created and the ones we are definitely still going to create. The good vibes, the luminosity and the warmth of the environment … What better place than a coworking space, to showcase a collaborative project?

INVERPORALES opens up to the world through ANDA cowork.

We invite people, not only to enjoy the illustrations and wander, but also to ask questions and share them with the others … not only so we can answer them, but mostly to continue imagining and sharing, making the spectator co-creator, with their vision and experience.

In the social networks of the project you can find records of the creative process, in video and sketches. Remember this unpronounceable name: INVERPORALES.

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