Let’s be honest! In summer we all slow down, and that’s completely normal.

It is scientifically proven that during the summer months we all tend to be less productive.

We prefer to spend time outside, enjoy a drink on the terrace with friends and ultimatelylive a more relaxed life, right?

Although this may sound strange, the truth is that this more relaxed lifestyle is not impossible to combine with your working hours and productivity. You just need to be more creative, make sure to not get bored and know what to do during your working days.

Look at it from the positive side; the good thing about the world slowing down is that you can spend more time growing your business!

Today, from ANDACowork, we will propose three ideas that will help you coping with the hot months ahead! We assure you that you will be grateful when September arrives and things start to pick up their normal pace again.

Here are our ideas:

1. Go ahead and open a blog!

So you have been thinking of starting a blog for a while already, but you didn’t get to actually doing it?The summer is the perfect time!

The benefits of opening a blog for your business are huge and range from attracting traffic to capturing leads and finally generating sales.

Another advantage of having a blog is that it gives you the chance to increase your credibility. Writing a blog offers you the possibility to position yourself as an expert in your field!

Having published valuable content in your blogs will help you gain the trust and recognition of your potential customers and will help you attract new subscribers who may become customers in the future!

However, to reach these goals, it’s important to incorporate certain aspects in your blog to make sure that your content is beneficial for your business and increases traffic month by month.

You will have to know your potential client very well; find out which topics are of interest to them, and which problems they face that your company could solve.

Use the summer time to do your research and get that blog started!

2. Improve your productive processes

We are sure you have a clear idea of what you have to do to be productive on a working day. But have you ever stopped and really thought about ways to improve your company’s processes and maximize your productivity?

Summer is the perfect time to do an audit on our business processes and study which areas could use some improvement to work even better for the rest of the year.

While most of the year you lack time to really pass through the learning curve and feel some resistance to change, due to focus on other – at that time more important – things, in the summer you will finally have the time and energy to make these changes!

So what could increase that productivity?

If you are not using one already, thinkof implementing an online CRM system. Research how these systems would work for you and if they would help you managing your clients.

Another great option would be to evaluate new instant messaging systems. Implementing one could help you coordinate teams and increase communication with your customers at all times.

Remember that in the online world it is important to always be in evolution, so make sure to not miss out on the opportunity summer offers you to work on yours!

3. Use the summertime to focus on training

If you are running your own business, it will be clear to you that training is incredibly important.

In an era in which customers are becoming increasingly demanding, the competition between highly qualified professionals and successfulcompanies is huge.

In addition, being your own boss means being responsible for all areas of the business: strategy, marketing, sales, accounting and more …

While keeping up with all these responsibilities, being up to date and adapting to new technologies is an absolute must in order to succeed and be a competitive player in your field.

For an entrepreneur who has to devote practically all hours of the day to running a business, distance training in a great solution. Online courses, for instance,allow you to study at your own pace while still complying with the schedules of the company.

We must recognize that all this is not easy! We know that spending all your time behind the computer is not the best way to spend summer.

However, you will find that doing this in an appropriate environment, surrounded by people who also have to comply with a demanding work schedule, will get you inspired by their enthusiasm and motivation to use the summer time in the best possible way!

This is the exact reason why the three ideas we just proposed are way easier to carry out with us and our coworkers at ANDACoWork!

Are you considering joining us in the summer? We have a gift for you!

If you start working with us in August, you will only pay 50% for that month.

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We are sure you will find a way to be productive with us during summer!

 We are waiting for you!

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