1. Can you tell us a bit about Linguaschools?

Linguaschools is one of the best Spanish schools in Granada. It was started in 2005 as a small project and quickly grew into one of the most prestigious Spanish language schools. Linguaschools currently has 13 teaching centers in both Spain and Latin America.

Classes at Linguaschools are very international, as they host students from more than 80 countries each year. As DELE- and SIELE exam centers, the school offers all kinds of high-quality courses at very competitive prices.

Furthermore, Linguaschools centers are recognized by the best universities in the world and their programs are accredited by some of the most important Spanish institutions. such as the Instituto Cervantes.

Lastly, Linguaschools is based on the idea that learning a language is not only limited to the content that is taught in classes. To make learning more practical, the school organizes all kinds of activities and events to show students the local culture and the best places in the city.

2. How was the Linguaschools project started and who is behind it?

Linguaschools was founded in 2005 by a former Spanish student and an active backpacker. They both wanted to share their passion for cultural experiences off the beaten track, realizing that learning to speak the language is essential to enjoying a local culture. Both of them also recognized that learning a language is the perfect platform for deep cultural immersion.

Linguaschools began by directing students to lesser-known language schools. Those that offered high-quality classes, but struggled to gain recognition for their services. Most of them were small- and medium language schools with a family atmosphere. Schools where students have a name and not a number. This ideology continues today, as we believe that high-quality language teaching goes hand in hand with an unforgettable cultural encounter.

In 2005, we realized that these lesser known Spanish schools were hardly represented and were very difficult to find for students wanting to learn Spanish. To help, Linguaschools has developed a limited selection of the best Spanish schools. They were all schools that believed in our philosophy of cultural immersion and that met the high standards of Linguaschools.

Over the years, Linguaschools has grown into a network of Spanish schools throughout Spain and Latin America. We have our own centers and work with several partner schools that share our philosophy and high standards.

Currently, thousands of students a year enjoy the Linguaschools experience. We are dedicated to innovating, maintaining our quality standards, and having fun doing it.

3. What value does Granada give you?

Granada is one of the richest cities in Spain, both culturally and socially. Therefore, it is one of the best places to study the Spanish language and culture.

In addition, Granada has an excellent university, a great atmosphere and a privileged location. All these elements make it a very important hub for students and young professionals, who are the ones who attend our courses the most.
Why and how did you find out about our space?
We came across ANDA while looking for coworking spaces in Granada. On several platforms, ANDA Cowork seemed to be among the best. That’s why we decided to get in touch.

4. What could ANDA  bring both you and to your network and collaborators?

A space where our students can study, work and connect with other people to create collaborations.

Our students are foreigners and usually they do not know too many people in the city. Visiting a coworking will help them to be part of a community.

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