1. Tell us about yourself and about your project.

My name is María Ortiz Marqués. My profession is graphic design. I am fond of outdoor and studio photography. I focus on making illustrations of landscapes and buildings.

In 2018 I created half with my friend Maria Fonseca, an exhibition of photographs of countries we had traveled to.

I also like to create collages.
And in 2021 I ventured alone to exhibit a small collection of collages.

This year I was offered a project to create a mural of outstanding women from Montilla (Córdoba). I did it with Cristina Urbano (her artistic name is DementeArte). And we did it by digital illustration with a computer program.

I have in mind to make some workshops about: calligraphy and typography and on the other hand, another one about photography in the street.

2. Your work is very interesting, can you tell us what made you decide to start?

Since I have knowledge I like to draw and write. Looking at compositions and color combinations.
I am also interested in learning how to handle computer programs and applications.

All this led me to study pre-printing and then the higher cycle of Advertising Graphics.
Currently, I am still training. I revise and study languages. And I keep myself informed of the novelties
in the design and art sector.

If you want to know more about my work and projects, I leave you my Domestika account: https://www.domestika.org/es/m10

3. What brought you to Anda Cowork?

Well, I met Victoria during a course we shared, and she was the one who told me about the Cowork, and showed me everything they did there.

4. What was your opinion the first time you came to the space?

It is a bright, quiet and well located space in Granada. And you can easily park your bike or motorcycle. And two steps away you have several bus stops and the metro.

And the life that you breathe in ANDA invites you to work and share time with other coworkers.

5. What can a coworking space like Anda CoWork offer you?

Flexibility, comfort, feedback and collaboration if during breaks you talk and share moments with the coworkers working in the space.

6. What message would you give to people who are thinking of moving their workspace to a Cowork but are still undecided?

That they look around and ask without commitment. They will realize that it is a perfect space for everyday work, it is also healthier to separate the rest environment (home) from the work area, as well as to organize a meeting, an interview, a workshop, a presentation, or simply organize a casual meeting for a coffee or a beer.

7. What is Anda for me?

It is a working place where professionals from different professions and freelancers, meet and help each other when they need it, and contribute new ideas. Ideal for SMEs, freelancers or entrepreneurs.

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