Zozan, 25, from the Netherlands

She is a digital nomad working with us in ANDA Cowork

I:Why are you working at a Coworking Space?

A: I work now from a working space because first of all I live here on my own in Granada and it´s an amazing way to get to know people plus my concentration is better. I just feel happier by the fact that I can leave my home, get to work, do everything at work and then really the moment I close this door at the working hop, I know my work is finished. Plus the social enviroment helps me and I work better, my concentration is better, my happiness is better and it helps to be with other people that are working aswell, kind of like what students have in a library they are more motivated and concentraded because they are in a library with everyone doing the same. So I also feel less alone. So that´s another thing, to feel less lonely aswell.

I: How do you feel when you are thinking in an upcoming day at the Coworking Space?

A: Now I reached 5 month at work and sometimes I don´t want to work anymore but I really have told my friends and my family at home that I am so happy with this working hop. So when i think of going to the working hop I get motivated and happy because the days goes by quicker for my feeling. Its good to be in a different enviroment. In an eviroment that I like. You share the working and at a little break you have some food together so it´s a really big contrast to workig from home by myself. It could almost be black and white I would say. That is how much of a diffence I feel in the experience.

I: And what do you mean by perfect working conditions or a good working enviroment?

A: I love the fact that here at ANDA it is more bright and you get daylight.
And I think again on a more social level you are not feeling alone and I mean with that, that you have other companions that are going through the same as you, cause when you are located by yourself at home you might feel like you are the only one having to do this hours, having to deal with the job. But here you also have a connection to that are people going to the same thing which I think you have aswell when you go to the office. So the working hop creates a little bit of the feeling of beeing in an office. And good that there is a coffee machine!

I: Do you notice a different work mentality in you or people around you after and through the pandemic?

A: I do know the change of working at an office has changed. It´s more possible to work hybrid, people are more thinking „do I really have to do that meeting in person or can I do a meeting online“, so without the pandemic probably I could´t even have had this job, because now I work complete remote. I meet with all my clients remote and I think it would have been very strange and unpersonal and now we brought in the sence of how you can have social contact and online contact is now accepted. And we accepted that more work be done online, which brought a lot of positiv things right now I think, because now people kind of choose and I know of course now, there are researches about if a work would still be five days or four, so maybe, i am not sure if Covid was a reason for this but I do know now people are maybe more thinking about all how we should combine work and personal live. I: Especially in our northern countrys.

I: And how do you feel in Granada?

A: I love it ! First it was quite crazy because I had my heart in two places. In my home in the Netherlands with my family and friends and here in Granada, the place where I love to be and have my boyfriend. And I had to go back to the Netherlands unexpectedly and that was really good actually, because I realized I missed Granada so much, it was so good for me. I love it here.

I: And what do you like the most about Granada or what are the biggest differences to the Netherlands ?

A: Of course the weather! That means a lot and besides that I love the work mentality that spanish people have and they are much better in combining work to life. Life doesn´t stop after 6 or 5p.m when you finished work. Then it really starts. People go outside and I can still really enjoy my day after working hours. I feel in the Netherlands people work, come home, cook, watch tv and go to sleep. That for me is a very important thing. I can work full time and I still really feel like I have a social life, time for myself and time to go outside.

I: So now you prefer to live here than in the Netherlands?

A: Absolutly!

I: And what is your impression of ANDA?

A: First of all I like the Design. It´s bright, it´s white, it´s modern. There are a lot of plants, which I love. And the fact that it´s not to busy and colorful, so it brings me a bit of peace, there is not to much to look at. That I do like. I love our kitchen where there is coffee and tea and you can save your own food in the working hop. And I think most importantly there is a feeling of trust. And there is not to many people so indeed you can leave your phone at your desk, you can leave your laptop at your desk. The people that are here, are staying here for a while so it´s not everyday someone new is here. Because of that people are staying here for a longer time, you can create a bond, you can create trust. And that all together makes it kind of like you are working in your own office. This really feels like an office but everyone is working on their own project.

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