Coworking spaces are becoming more popular every day, and many cities are home to one or two shared offices nowadays. In 2018, an estimated more than 14.000 spaces were opened worldwide, and in 2019 this number will only be higher. And the perfect coworking space probably exists.

This fast growth goes hand in hand with a growing number of freelancers, remote workers, and digital nomads. Many companies realize that working online saves a lot of money and keeps employees happy and motivated. Besides that, travel gains popularity every day, and more and more people prefer to be location independent.

The freedom of working from home or working while traveling is great, but it has some downsides too. To work effectively, we need good internet, a comfortable workplace, and someone to brainstorm with once in a while. And that’s precisely why coworking spaces became so popular. They bring freelancers, small businesses, and travelers everything they need to work effectively and stay motivated.

But what exactly are the needs of these coworkers? At Anda, we have a lot of experience with different coworking spaces. We have visited many of them all over the world, and we have spoken to many coworkers and owners of different spaces. Based on what we have heard around us, we created a list of the boxes we think a perfect coworking space should tick.

Tangible features of a perfect coworking space


For many coworkers in cities, public transport to the office is essential. Travelers often don’t have a car, and for locals, many cities are not very accessible by car.

Besides public transport, restaurants and bars in the area make a coworking space a lot more fun. What is better than ending a day of work with a nice meal or drink with your coworkers?

The fastest internet

The second tangible feature that is an absolute must for every coworking space is fast WiFi. Some coworkers may need a high-speed connection to up- or download large files. To be open to workers with every kind of profession, a coworking space must be able to cater to all different types of internet needs.

A quiet space

Some people can concentrate with some background noise, while others need absolute silence. As a good coworking space, it is crucial to make sure all coworkers have a workspace that suits their job and preference. Those who need silence should be able to work in silence, and those who make phone calls and like to chat should have a place where they can talk without bothering others.

Security features

Some coworkers work at the same space every day and prefer not to take all their things home in the evening. For those who like to leave a computer, charger, work phone, or a few documents at the coworking space, there must be safety features in place. Think of an alarm system, lockers or personalized access cards or keys, so strangers won’t be able to enter the building.

Great desks

A last essential feature of a perfect coworking space is great desks. Sitting in the wrong position while working can cause massive problems or even injuries. It is therefore crucial that coworkers can adjust the height and position of their desk and chair. As a coworking space, you should be able to advise your coworkers on the way they should set up their workspace.

Intangible features of a perfect coworking space


A first intangible feature that every great coworking space should have is a community. This exact feature is a reason for many coworkers to join a shared space. Working as a freelancer or remote worker can be incredibly lonely, and the feeling of belonging to a community can make a significant difference in someone’s life.


The second intangible feature that is crucial for a successful coworking space is the feeling of trust. Between coworkers, between space managers and coworkers, and actually between everyone who spends time in the space. Coworkers need to feel safe spending time with other people, leaving their computer on the desk while they take a little break, and they need to trust that they are well taken care of and can ask for help if they need anything.


A third intangible feature of the perfect coworking space is support. One of the best things about a coworking space is the fact that people with many different backgrounds come together in one space. This creates great opportunities. Are you a marketing expert in need of a data scientist or a graphic designer? Chances are that you have one sitting right next to you. Are you feeling stressed? You will most probably have a few great friends working around you, who would be happy to listen to you and calm you down. Shared offices bring a unique opportunity for support and collaboration that you will certainly miss by staying at home.


A last and crucial intangible feature of the perfect space is fun. Working together and meeting people from all kind of backgrounds is the ideal opportunity to make friends. As a coworking space, you can encourage friendships by organizing events. Think of sharing breakfast together, a networking lunch, an outdoor activity, or after work drinks.

Come join us at Anda

At Anda Cowork, we work very hard on making our space the perfect coworking space. Our workspaces are comfortable, our building is safe and central, our WiFi fast and our community lovely.

Would you like to meet us and check out our beautiful space? Just contact us and we will be happy to welcome you in Granada.

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