And today we are celebrating our first anniversary together. And it could not be otherwise, because we have managed to give life to this space thanks to the projects, dreams and illusions that we share every day.

I’ve been thinking about how to celebrate this anniversary for more than a month now, I thought that a contest in social networks, a special promotion with a discount or giving away something for subscribing to our newsletter could be a good option. But, really, none of these ideas filled me, as to become the center of the first birthday of our space.

Instead, I began to think that, really, this has been an enjoyable year, full of experiences, new experiences, and a lot of learning. So, it was poor for me to focus on talking about how wonderful we are, what we offer, have, or contribute and, therefore, I have decided to talk less about us, and more about YOU, the people who have trusted ANDA, and have shared this path that we started a year ago, and that some of you also started, trusting that what we contributed was as enriching for you, as for us, and you decided to be part, at some point in your path, of this community.

We are very excited about it, and we are going to try. People, and their success stories, are the ones that leave their mark, and we do not want them to be easily erased. So, we will begin to tell the stories and adventures of entrepreneurship that accompany us, through their protagonists.

We really exist thanks to each of these stories, with which people identify, and it will be a way to share, and to make the moments of glory more enriching.

I hope you find the proposal fun and challenging, can I count on your help? I hope we can bring to these lines, all the good that each of you have to share.

Although every day we are surrounded by the uncertainty of the unknown, there always comes a time when we begin to trust and move forward, seeing that it is possible, because walking every day, we get a new success, which helps us to mitigate those doubts that hover over us daily.

We are very proud to have gained your trust, which I hope is mutual, don’t you know us yet, would you like to meet us, then dare to share part of your experience with us.

And, as always, we will keep moving forward, sharing, and building, every day, a new piece of ANDA CoWork.


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