Tell us what these 6 years have been like

Passionate, enriching and fun.

Although at times, especially in recent years, you feel as if we were on a roller coaster, I would not change anything of these years lived and shared with the ANDA community.

Feeling the same illusion of the first day, despite the difficulties and inconveniences that we have encountered, is the challenge that we face and turn into that continuous learning.

Because if you ask me if ANDA is what I had planned from the beginning, I would say yes, but I would also say no. Each person, each project, each idea, each idea, each project, each project, each idea, each project, each idea. Every person, every project, every idea that comes to ANDA, makes every day a new shared experience that makes us grow, learn and innovate.

Tell us about a moment that you remember with joy in Anda

The day we opened without a doubt, since it was the materialization of all the energy and enthusiasm that we had put into the project and that finally saw the light.

That of course accompanied by all the moments that ANDA has given us during these six years and that have been directly proportional to the number of people, experiences and projects that we have been lucky enough to share these years.

What does the word “community” mean to you?

You share your illusions, your uncertainties, your experiences with a group of people with whom you identify and of which you feel part. Sharing a coffee, a chat, a project, a profession or a workspace, you feel how you naturally create that bond that unites us and that can lead you to discover paths that you would not have considered before or that you didn’t even know about.

I always like to say that the path is always shared, and for me this is the way I walk my path.

What brought you to embark on this path?

It is difficult to say in a few sentences where it started, because it is something that came naturally, I would say as part of the process of finding my own purpose.

As I told you before, human relationships are an important part for me, and that’s what ANDA’s project pivots and grows on, building a community and a space to inhabit. It is something alive, that is how I understand spaces, full of life, in movement, with joys and sorrows, with satisfactions and fruits, with uncertainties and certainties. In short, like the people who inhabit it.

How do you look to the future?

I am an optimist by nature, and convinced that every day is a challenge we have to face, and if we do it with determination, common sense, we work focusing our energy in a positive way towards our purpose, and we share it as part of a community, it is possible not to lose that optimism.

And I can only have words of gratitude to each and every one of the people I have been fortunate to meet on this path and who have brought us here. A path that undoubtedly continues. We continue….

Thank you

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