Despite the difficult times we are living in, at Anda we believe that cooperation is strength and this is how we have started a collaboration with El Granado Hostel. One of the most prestigious hostels for travelers in Granada.

We chatted with them and asked them about what they experienced in 2020, the present and how we are going to get out of this.

1. What challenges did you face last year due to the pandemic?

If the 2008 crisis and its impact on the tourism sector in the following years was serious, the economic impact on our industry in 2020 was catastrophic.

Before March 14, 2020, El Granado had never closed, not even for one day, since its opening in 2009. We were forced to close from March through June 2020. At the beginning of July we re-opened the hostel and slowly started to adapt to the new circumstances. We started with less than 5 guests and improved at the end of summer and beginning of autumn (although always with low occupancy).

When the second wave arrived the situation worsened again, of course, but in spite of everything we were still open and with several long term guests. So apart from the obvious economic challenge, another very important one for us was the ability to adapt.

2. How have you reinvented/adapted to the new normal? New projects? New ways of doing things?

We are fortunate to run a type of accommodation (hostel) that, by its nature and size, is quite versatile. The typical client is a young traveler who tends to travel alone and with flexibility in their travel plans (which helps in these times).

On the other hand, for some clients the type of rooms offered (shared dormitories) are less attractive in times of pandemic, for obvious reasons.

For both reasons, already since the summer of last year we have realized the importance of adapting to new circumstances and being flexible. We believe that this has been and continues to be the most important thing, it is fundamental for the survival of the business. There are many changes we have made since reopening in July 2020, but the most obvious are perhaps the variety of room types offered (without making costly changes to beds and furnishings) and the long-stay offerings.

After a period of trial and error, we have been optimizing these changes and adapting to every novelty and trend in this “new normal”. So for example we now have the possibility to sell some 4-bed dorms also as private single, double (twin), triple, single with desk to work ecc. For each type of accommodation unit chosen (shared dormitory bed, single room, double…) we have offers for weekly and monthly stays. In addition, we have valued more the open areas, in particular the two roof terraces, which allows us to have comfortable common spaces, safe and where guests feel at ease, like in their own homes. This allowed us to keep our usual spirit, also in these times.

3. How do you face the near future? And the more distant one?

As I think we all know, the unpredictability of the pandemic and the measures to contain it make it difficult to make many concrete plans. Right now, for us, flexibility, adaptation and day-to-day operations are generally more important than plans for the near and distant future. But there are some exceptions because we do have to take opportunities and be innovative.

The perfect example is this collaboration with Anda CoWork, of which we are honored. We believe that the telecommuting and freelance work that the pandemic has caused to grow exponentially will stay for the long term. In addition, “workation”, a new way of traveling and working at the same time, will grow a lot. This is why we are betting on this collaboration and we are convinced that it will work very well.

4. What is the spirit of your community? Have they helped you to move forward?

I like this question very much because it allows me to talk about the good and positive aspects of this year despite the negative circumstances in many aspects.

One of the fundamental values of El Granado Hostel is community spirit. We want our guests to feel at home, like in a big family. In addition, we collaborate with our local community as much as possible.

Both of these things have grown exponentially, not in terms of volume, but in terms of intensity. What do I mean by this?

With fewer guests in the hostel but more staying for longer stays, creating and maintaining the family vibe has been easy, because after a few days everyone feels part of the El Granado family. All new guests who come to the hostel feel this family vibe and integrate very quickly.

In relation to the local community, in recent years we have started more collaborations with local companies than ever, because we believe that at this time it is essential to help us in the immediate community. Among others, we collaborate with the agro-ecological cooperative Hortigas, with local craftsmen and craftswomen (we did for example a Christmas craft market), with organizers of language exchanges, with yoga teachers and with Anda CoWork.

Of course, all this is helping us a lot to get ahead

5. Also, I would like to ask you about the feedback you have had from travelers during the last months, former clients that have passed…the reaction of your community!

The truth is that the feedback we have had from travelers over the last few months is what makes us most proud and gives us the strength to keep fighting in these still difficult times for the tourism sector. They love the spaces, in particular the common areas on the rooftop, the rooms and above all the atmosphere. The score on our main booking site (Hostelworld) has reached the usual record of 9.6/10. But I think there is no better way to answer this question than with real comments left by guests!

Fantastic Hostel. Good services, good atmosphere and good location

Fantastic attention from the staff. Impeccable and well equipped kitchen. It has several common areas, including two very nice terraces. Clean bathrooms. Spacious rooms with private lockers Comfortable beds with curtain, private light and plug Private lockers in living room. Organization of events to meet people. Good atmosphere. Good location. 5 minutes walk from the cathedral. Albert,

A hostel to feel at home away from home ♥

My experience at El Granado was excellent. Everything was very clean and cared for, the beds are super comfortable and the common areas invite you to meet a lot of travelers. Although there is no elevator, it is worth going up to the 3rd floor to enjoy the terraces, where it is always summer, I will definitely come back to this hostel! Roberto,

Honestly one of the best hostels I’ve stayed in. The staff take the utmost care and go well beyond to make you feel your most comfortable self, the place is completely spotless and don’t even get me started about the beds, slept like an absolutely sweet baby. 10/10 I will be back  Sean, Hostelworld

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